Wabakimi Provincial Park: Whitewater Lake Loop (8 days / 185 km)

This is a great wilderness route in Northern Ontario with relatively minimal portaging and is one of the few options to explore Wabakimi Provincial Park without taking a floatplane. Most campsites are not marked with a sign but exist where they are marked on the map. 

The trip went smoothly and the most challenging part was the wind on certain days. Be prepared to stay an extra 1-2 days. The wind could easily windbound a group for extended periods of time. We went in late July / early August so bugs were not an issue. However, we imagine that the bugs would be much worse earlier in the season. Wabakimi offers fantastic fishing, and the opportunity to see lots of wildlife, including the elusive Woodland Caribou. 

Trip Summary

Starting Point: Caribou Lake Rd and Little Caribou Lake

Ending Point: Caribou Lake Rd and Little Caribou Lake

Total Distance: 185 km

Duration: 8 days (could be done in 6-10 days)

Difficulty: Intermediate


Wabakimi Provincial Park, beginning and ending at the road intersection of Caribou Lake Rd and Little Caribou Lake.

Maps & Resources

Guidebook: N/A

Map: Wabakimi Maps

Campsite Reservations: Ontario Parks Online Reservation

Permits: Permits need to be printed and are made for a number of days in the park, not by individual campsites.

Outfitters & Shuttles

We used Mattice Lake Outfitters to rent a canoe and personally shuttled it to the put-in. There is very little parking at the put-in and to be cautious found someone who lives in Armstrong, ON to shuttle our cars (Clem Quenville 1-807-372-1346)

Trip Report

Day 1: On the Road to Little Caribou Lake (2 km)

From wherever you are driving from, the road from Thunder Bay up to Armstrong is mostly a gravel road without service. Make sure to get gas in your car before you start this drive. Since we had one car, one canoe, and one rental canoe we went straight to the put-in (50.337850, -89.089178) afte...

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