Who writes the trip reports?

Anyone can write a trip report! Most of the reports are written by experienced canoeists/backpackers and professional guides, but we also have some beginner trips written by novice adventurers. The primary requirement to write a trip report is that it is accurate, truthful, and written by someone who was on the trip themselves.

How accurate are the trip reports?

Our trip reports are written by people who have first hand experience on that route. Our writers only write about trips they have personally been on. This means our trip reports can be incredibly detailed and, in most cases, extremely accurate.

A lot of the writers for Trip Reports are people I know, either from when I used to guide, through outfitters I work with now, or long time Voyageur Tripper readers. When I don’t know the writer or the location well, I have someone I know review the report to ensure it is accurate.

However, conditions in the backcountry are always changing. Use Trip Reports are a planning tool. You should still carry a topographical map, check in with park staff / outfitters as necessary and make smart decisions in the backcountry. We do not assume responsibility for inaccurate information contained in the trip reports.

What if the trip report I want isn’t here?

Although we have a large collection of trip reports, we don’t (yet) have all the routes. We are adding new trip reports every week, so check back regularly. If you have a specific trip coming up, you can always send an email to admin@voyageurtripper.com and we’ll see what we can do to make it happen.

Why do I have to pay for a subscription?

These trip reports are very detailed and require a lot of time to create. As such, Trip Reports financially compensates each writer who writes a report for us, paying them between $75 – $150 per report (and more for super long trips!). To keep this a financially sustainable endeavour, access to Trip Reports is through a monthly or annual subscription.

Promoting access to wilderness – including economic access – is something we are passionate about, which is why we’ve priced the annual membership at the same cost the rent a canoe for a single day in Algonquin Park. If you would like to join Trip Reports, but cannot do so for financial limitations, send Mikaela an email at admin@voyageurtripper.com and we’ll see what we can do!

Can I submit a report?

Yes, you can! Before you start writing though, read the instructions below. You’ll need to send a rough route outline (starting point, ending point, distance and number of days) to Mikaela and she’ll check if we already have the route. If we don’t, you’ll receive a template to follow when writing your report. It’s very important that you follow the template and reference example trip reports, as we cannot accept trip reports that don’t follow the template.

Read this page for instructions: Write for Us