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Welcome to Trip Reports, an online resource and community for outdoor adventurers. Here you’ll find over 100 backcountry camping trip reports and resources to help you plan better camping trips.

100+ Trip Reports & Counting

Trip reports are the bread and butter of the website. Members have access to a vast (and ever-growing) library of comprehensive trip reports, each complete with map information, shuttles, outfitters, day-by-day accounts, portages, trailheads and more. Most of the reports also have a map of the route taken with GPS coordinate and some have accompanying videos.

Check the map below to see all of the trip reports we currently have on the site.

Trip Reports is like an online guidebook - one that is always growing and updating.

Community of Outdoor Adventures

By joining Trip Reports, you’ll connect with like-minded paddlers and hikers, join discussions on route planning and gear, and share your trip photos & videos.

You can join Groups based on your interests and locations. Here you’ll be able to post photos and videos, ask questions and meet other people.

You can also engage in Forums where people ask questions, discuss gear and route ideas, and more.

Outdoor Education Materials

We also have a growing resource library of outdoor education materials. You’ll be able to find resources on everything from first aid to packing lists, recipes to gear tips, and much more.


Most of the trip reports are written by current or ex-wilderness guides, or experienced adventurers (many of whom are active on social media and you may be following). Oh, and I (Mikaela) also write a lot of reports for the site!


All trip reports are written by someone who was on the trip, and as such, are written from first hand experience.

I also review every single report to ensure they are as accurate as possible. I’ll cross reference what’s been written with park maps, other websites, my own experience or those of my guiding friends.

That said, you should never rely on trip reports (or anything you find on the internet) for navigation. Conditions in the backcountry are always changing and it’s important to always carry a topographic map and stay within your abilities.

It’s very similar to a Facebook Group. You have a profile (which you can customize with a picture, bio and social media links). You can join Groups or Forums based on your interests.

For example, you could join the Ontario Canoe Trippers group to discuss canoe routes in the province. Or there’s a group for backpacking in BC. Don’t see the group you want? You can create your own!

Yes, there are definitely trip reports elsewhere online that can be accessed for free. You can check out personal blogs, YouTube videos, MyCCR, AllTrails and more.

However, you never quite know what you’ll find when you use trip reports found through Google searches. How old is the trip report? How much detail does it contain? What if you don’t know what destination you want to search for?

All of these are solved with Trip Reports. Every report follows the exact same template and has the same level of detail. All of the reports are recent and written by someone who did the route that season. (95% of our reports are from 2020 and 2021 – so they are very up to date!).

You can see two sample trip reports here to see the format all of the reports take:

Temagami: Kukagami Lake – Sturgeon River Loop (6 days / 165 km)

Algonquin Provincial Park: Highland Backpacking Trail (3 days / 36 km)

I have a very high standard for quality and accuracy, so it takes a lot of time for people to write these trip reports. As such, I compensate the writers for their time; they are paid between $75 and $150 per trip report.

In exchange for providing valuable resources others can benefit from, the writers are able to cover campsite fees and gas costs, or upgrade camping gear.

Your subscription fee goes to covering these costs and is very much appreciated!

I am very confident you will love the reports and will love being part of this community. However, if you aren’t happy with it, simply send me an email within 14 days of purchase and I’ll gladly refund you.

Since its launch, Trip Reports has had a 100% satisfaction rate, so I’m very confident you’ll love it!

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I’m sure you’ll love Trip Reports, but if you have any questions, please reach out to me at mikaela[at]voyageurtripper[dot]com. I’m also on Instagram at @voyageurtripper and tend to respond very quickly to IG messages.

The Story of Trip Reports

Hi there! My name is Mikaela and I’m the voice behind Voyageur Tripper, an outdoor blog in Canada.

I used to work as a canoe and hiking guide in Ontario, Quebec and Nunavut. After I left guiding in 2017, I started developing online resources to help others take increasingly challenging backcountry camping trips.

I started Trip Reports in 2021 to help people find paddling and backpacking routes outside of their usual destinations. I saw the same handful of canoe routes crippled by high visitor numbers and wanted to help people find new places to paddle. I also wanted to give novice campers a place to find complete and comprehensive trip reports to help them plan their first few trips.

And voila! Trip Reports was born!

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