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Welcome to Trip Reports, an essential resource for finding routes and planning backcountry camping trips in Canada.

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Tired of your usual routes and looking to explore somewhere new this summer?

Whether you’re looking for a new route in a familiar park, or a new region entirely, we’ve got you covered.

Frustrated after logging into Parks’ websites at 6:00 am, only to find that all of the campsites have already been booked?

Who isn’t? We have tons of trip reports for crown land routes, lesser-known parks and lesser-known routes in popular parks.

Completely new to backcountry camping and have no idea where to start?

Well, look no further, for we have tons of detailed guides perfect for first-time paddlers and backpackers.

With Trip Reports, you get reliable and recent route information – like trail conditions, campsite descriptions, maps and shuttles – for dozens of routes, helping you find new destinations and plan better trips!

Introducing Trip Reports

Hi! I’m Mikaela and I am an ex-wilderness guide and camping enthusiast. I’ve been hiking and paddling in Canada since 2010 and run an outdoor blog where I teach others about backcountry camping.

I created Trip Reports because I wanted a single resource to help people find new camping routes and provide them with all of the information necessary to plan the trip.

I was tired of the same canoe routes being overused and wanted to help people find routes in less popular destinations.

I was also tired of finding trip reports online that had missing information, like where the trip started, the necessary maps, the campsites and more.

Trip Reports was created to address these problems.

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Finding Routes

All of the routes all in one place…

Each trip report is tagged on a map of Canada according its starting point, making it easy to find trip reports in a specific location. Each trip report is labeled by type and difficulty, so you can quickly find trip reports matching your interests.

Trip Reports

Complete and easy-to-read reports…

Every trip report follows the same format and provides information on the following:

  • Starting point and ending point
  • Recommended map and guidebooks
  • Shuttles and outfitters
  • Distance traveled each day
  • Day-by-day account of features (i.e. portages, rapids) and campsites
  • Reflection and advice
  • Gallery of photos

Many of the reports also include a detailed map with campsites labeled, and a trip video.

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Have a question about Trip Reports?

How does the membership work?

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll have access to all of the trip reports currently on the website, and all of the reports that get published during the course of your membership.

For all of the reports, you can save them as a PDF or print them at home, allowing you to bring them with you on trip. You can also ‘favourite’ any of the reports and view a list of your Favourites.

The membership will automatically renew, however it’s very easy to pause or cancel your membership should you need to.

What if I only need access for part of the year?

If you only go backcountry camping in the summer, you may only need access to Trip Reports for a few months of the year.

In that case, you can easily “pause” your membership for the months you aren’t using it. You won’t have access to any trip reports during this time, but all of your login details and preferences will remain. Once you are ready to start researching your next trip, simply log back in and “unpause” your membership.

Though you can avoid all that by going with the annual membership!

Who writes the trip reports and how accurate are they?

All of the trip reports are written by someone who went on the trip themselves.

Most of the trip reports are written by wilderness guides or people with a considerable amount of backcountry camping experience.

However, we’ve also included some trip reports by beginners, specifically written for other beginners.

In all cases, the trip reports are extremely accurate. Each report is reviewed by me personally, and goes through a thorough fact checking (with my experience, that of my guiding peers, the maps and more).

That said, conditions in the backcountry are constantly changing so you should be always make decisions based on the conditions in front of you.

What if I don't like Trip Reports or I change my mind?

I am confident that you will love Trip Reports. But, if for whatever reason you don’t love it, simply send us an email within 14 days and we’ll issue a full refund. No questions asked. 

Membership Options

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Unlike other platforms, Trip Reports financially compensates the hikers and paddlers who write trip reports for us. This ensures we can maintain high quality reports that are error-free and follow a consistent, easy-to-read format.

As such, access to Trip Reports is through a membership. Your membership grants you access to all of the trip reports on the website, and you can cancel anytime.

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