Welcome to the Canoe Route Planner

Thanks for testing the canoe route planner and providing your feedback. Please create a free account. You’ll then be directed to the Canoe Route Planner and can start building your first canoe trip! (If you already have Trip Reports account, please login).

Features to Help You Plan Canoe Trips

For each day of your trip, you get an estimation of how long it’ll take you to paddle that day.

You can customize this for your skills and preferences.

Choose your paddling and portaging speed, how many portage trip you usually take and how long it takes you to load and unload your boat.

If your route has rapids, you can select the maximum class of rapids you can paddle. The route will avoid any rapids that are above your abilities.

Hover over a feature to learn more about it.

You’ll also see an estimated time – this is how far away the feature is from your previous campsite, based on the settings you selected.

When you’re done, download your route as:

A PDF with a map and day-by-day itinerary…

An excel file with you day-by-day itinerary…

A GPX file with all of the features and campsites on your route, which you can plug into your Garmin…