Tombstone Territorial Park: Grizzly Lake Trailhead to Talus Lake (6 days / 45 km)

Tombstone is a Territorial park in the Yukon Territory of Canada located about 1.5 hours driving distance from Dawson City or 6.5 hours via Whitehorse. It is accessed along the Dempster Highway or by helicopter from Dawson City. The backcountry of Tombstone offers a 45 km out-and-back trail connecting three well-established campsites. The trail is well-traveled and well-marked throughout. 

This trip can be difficult and goes over some very technical terrain. It is mentally tiring hiking here due to the fact that every step needs to be calculated. Boulder fields, thick mud, and rocks are always on the path. Tombstone is in a remote area that is just below the Arctic Circle, conditions can change rapidly here so proper gear and instincts are important. You can get snow on any day of the year and it can drop below freezing. The total elevation gain is about 2800 meters involving one steep mountain pass.

The timeframe for this trip depends on what you want to get out of it and how much time you want to spend at each site. You are allowed to book sites for three consecutive nights before moving on. All three campsites are beautiful and offer unique views into Canada's north. You can skip sites to move to a further point or get back sooner too if you want to put in a bigger day. 

I would recommend spending as much time as you can in this park as it is such an incredible place. This park is home to a large variety of wildlife including both Grizzly and Black bears. Bear canisters are required along with bear spray. Cooking shelters and food storage are provided by the park at each camp along with toilets. Ground squirrels are also often around camp and enjoy chewing on gear! Try and store as much gear in the tent as possible to avoid this or tuck straps away. 

There are plenty of areas to collect and filter water in as every site is on a lake. Campsite reservations open up in January. See Yukon Parks for more information about reserving a site in the...

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