Temagami: Mowat Landing to Lady Evelyn River and Maple Mountain (6 days / 130 km)

Trip report - Lady Evelyn and Maple Mountain

July 2022 was my first time visiting Temagami. I had read about the Lady Evelyn River and found a few good reports that had some interesting trips that appealed to me, so I did my research and came up with the route for the year.

I wanted to hike Maple Mountain as well as travel the upper and lower branches of the Lady Evelyn River, so for this trip my friends and I settled on a base camp to explore the two different focal points of our trip. We started at Mowat landing, and crossed Lady Evelyn Lake before finding a great spot that would be home for the week while we explored the area around us. 

The base camp allowed us to explore the area and tackle the many austere portages without carrying too much gear. We soaked in the beauty of this part of Temagami and enjoyed the longer trip which allowed us to access beautiful scenery in this region. Once we were set up, we did a day trip to hike maple mountain, and another day paddling the river system.

The portages along the river system were very challenging and took a lot of work to navigate safely. The benefit of doing this 30 km loop as a day trip meant that we did not have to lug heavy packs and gear up, down, and across these tricky portages. 

Trip Completed: July 2022

Trip Summary

Location: Lady Evelyn-Smoothwater Provincial Park (Non-operating provincial park)

Traditional Territory: This route takes place on the traditional territory of Anishinabewaki.

Maps & Resources

Guidebook: None Used

Map: Adventure Map - Temagami 4

Permits & Reservations

Campsite Reservations: All sites for this trip are first come first serve and cannot be reserved.

Permits: The sites on Lady Evelyn Lake are free and are all on crown land until you cross into the west branch of the lake. The route travels through Obabika River, and Lady Evelyn-Smoothwater Provincial Parks. For sites in the park, permits can be purchased online through the Ontario Parks website and are ...

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