Phillip Edward Island: Circumnavigation (6 days / 60 km)

This is a fantastic flat water trip with zero portaging, opportunities for unlimited exploration, great fishing, and breathtaking sunsets on the rocky Georgian Bay coast. It is predominantly crown land and there are plenty of established sites. It was a true pleasure to do this trip and one I recommend for any paddler, as it can be done by canoe or sea kayak.


Spending a couple of nights on the open coast of Georgian Bay, and everything that comes with it 

Crown Land - no permit fee for sites 

Fantastic Fishing 

Pictographs and a sacred indigenous ambush site  

Ghost Town 

Unique geological features and picturesque aqua coloured water  

Trip Summary 

Starting: Chikanishing Trail (Killarney Provincial Park - Purchase parking permit from George Lake) 

Ending Point: Chikanishing Trail

Total Distance: 50-60 km (This is the approximate distance round trip. Every trip will vary depending how much exploring is done) 

Duration: 6 days 

Difficulty: Intermediate  

Things to Note:  

This trip can be done in so many ways so feel free to get creative. We saw a couple of lads in a quaint little sailboat and had a cute rowboat they used to explore the shorelines. There was also a couple who paddled out to one island for a couple of nights and were picked up by a water taxi they had arranged. 

You must be adaptable and work with the lake. When conditions are ideal or better take the opportunity to explore to outer islands. When conditions are less than ideal, stay in protected coves and channels. It is not unreasonable to plan an extra day for the weather!  

Check the weather report, and not just one. is great (or download the app) – it gives you details for wind, waves, radar, and much more. Plan ahead but be adaptable. Picking which direction you go will likely depend on your trip plan and the upcoming fo...

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