Great Divide Trail: Section A – US Border to Coleman (7 days / 160 km)

Trip Report - GDT - US Border to Coleman

Passing through the heart of the Canadian Rockies, the Great Divide Trail is considered by some to be the Wildest Thru-Hike in North America and stands as a testament to the raw, unyielding beauty of nature. Section A of the Great Divide Trail unveils a tapestry of breathtaking panoramas that stretch as far as the eye can see.

This trail will test your resolve and at times you can go days without seeing another soul. From rugged mountain passes to tranquil alpine meadows and glacial-fed streams, each turn of the trail offers a new revelation, a fresh perspective on the splendour of the Canadian Rockies.

Trip Completed: July 18th to 24th, 2022

Trip Summary

Location: Canadian Rockies

Traditional Territory: Section A is located on Treaty 7 territory and is on the traditional territory of the Káínai, Piikáni, Siksiká, Stoney-Nakoda and Tsuut’ina nations.

Maps & Resources

Maps and Navigation: I used the FarOut App formerly known as Gut Hooks, for navigation on the trailand for planning my hike. I would strongly recommend that anyone attempting to hike any part of the GDT download the app and the appropriate map/s. The GDT can be sparsely marked in places and wayfinding can be difficult at times. 

Permits & Reservations

Campsite Reservations / Permits: The campsite reservation system for hiking a section or the entire GDT can be quite overwhelming. The Great Divide Trail Association has created a resource that they keep as up-to-date as possible. They also maintain a list of campsites on the trail and outline which Park or area it is in and what reservations are required.

When you're camping on Alberta Crown Land, an Alberta Crown Land camping pass is required.

Other Resources: 

Great Divide Trail Hikers Facebook Group is a wealth of knowledge for anyone hiking the trail. Search the posts for what you are looking for and if you cannot find your information, ask. 

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