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Temagami Cluster

The Temagami Cluster is a beautiful, magical region in northeast Ontario that has captured paddlers’ hearts for decades.

This region spans multiple provincial parks, conservation parks and crown land. It’s more remote and less manicured than the parks to its south, and offers infinite route possibilities!

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Time to Reach

Where Can I Be in X Hours?

See how far you can go in a specific amount of time. You can now enter how many hours you want to travel that day, and see how far on the map you can go.

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Where Can I Be in X Hours?
Elevation Profile

Elevation Profile

You can now view the elevation profile for hiking and portage trails.

For backpacking routes, click on the elevation icon in the Route Summary to see the elevation profile.

For paddling, hover your mouse over the portage trail to see the elevation profile.

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Elevation Profile

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