Temagami: Maple Mountain & The Old Growth (14 days / 143 km)

Trip Report - Maple Mountain to The Old Growth

Temagami is one of Ontario's oldest and most popular canoeing areas and offers an incredible variety of landscapes and challenges for tripping. My wife and I explored the area during the summer of 2020, when the pandemic was in full swing and summer camps were closed. With no large summer camp groups exploring the waterways, we were privileged to see fewer people than usual.

Our canoe-tripping mentality is to seek out a mixture of everything the wilderness area can offer while focusing on immersion into that wild place. 

We typically do not plan long paddling days or “sufferfest” style trips, but we also know that when you step or paddle into areas such as Temagami, there is a good chance you will face some hurdles to work through. Instead, we love to use paddling to get us deep into backcountry areas and then build into our trip time to explore. We love fishing and foraging along the way. This route was built around that mentality.

After researching the area, we learned about Maple Mountain and the old-growth white pine stands near Obabika Lake, so we designed the route around those two destinations. We also knew that Lake Temagami, Diamond Lake, Lady Evelyn Lake, and Obabika Lake could be “busy” with other trippers. In the case of Lady Evelyn and Obabika Lake, it can be busy with boaters. So we consulted our outfitter to get intel on a short detour through the Bob Lake Conservations area. 

This detour would involve a few more portages but ensure a few days of seclusion. Our trip bridged the end of July and the beginning of August. We hoped to catch the warm weather and the tail end of bug season. Ultimately, we had an outstanding trip, with various landscapes and wildlife and immersion into the Temagami wilderness.

Trip Completed: July and August 2020

Trip Summary

Location: Obabika River Provincial Park, Temagami Area, Ontario

Traditional Territory: This route takes place on the traditional territory of Anishinabew...

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