Lake Superior Coastal Trail: Gargantua Bay to Barrett Lake (43 km / 4 days)

Amazing beauty around Lake Superior Gargantua Bay to Barrett River

The Superior Coastal Trail is a beautiful hike along the coast of Lake Superior with stunning scenery. Be prepared for very difficult hiking along boulders, steep hills, cliffs, forests and beaches. Along the hike, you are constantly rewarded with beautiful coastline views of Lake Superior.

Also, be mindful that weather can be a game-changer along this trail and you will roughly travel at an average pace of 2km/hr in good weather. We hiked Gargantua Bay to Agawa Bay Campground (North to South) - the north end of the trail is the most technical and we wanted to be fresh to tackle this section.

Trip Completed: August 2021


Starting Point: Gargantua Bay 

Ending Point: Barrett River

Total Distance: 43 km

Elevation Gain: 1397

Length: 4 days

Difficulty: Advanced


The trip is located in the Lake Superior Provincial Park located between Batchawana Bay and Wawa. Highway 17 runs directly through the park. 

Traditional Territory: This route takes place on the traditional territory of the Anishinabewaki.

Maps & Resources

Maps: The Adventure Map: Lake Superior Provincial Park. Also, on the Google Map I created, I have roughly marked the location of all of the campsites along the Coastal Trail. 

Campsite Reservations: Reservations are for an area/cluster of campsites with 1-5 sites per area.

Permits: Permits can be purchased through Ontario Parks Reservation Portal. Select 'Backcountry', then 'Hiking & Horsepacking', then 'Lake Superior Provincial Park' and finally, your desired access point. For this trip, it was 'Gargantua'. You can pick up the permits at the Agawa Bay Campground when you arrive.

Note: I have labelled/discussed the campsites in number order of how you arrive at them hiking north to south; this is not necessarily how they are numbered on the actual trail. Please reference the Ontario Parks reservation maps to compare which campsites they are. 

Outfitters & ...

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