Rousseau: Batiscan River (4 days / 86 km)

Class IV and V rapids coming up

The Batiscan River is certainly a river for advanced paddlers. Moderate-level paddlers can be coached on this trip but it is a physically demanding trip so skill set and general fitness abilities are important. Coming back from the Batiscan River I was very tired and beaten down but it really left me wanting to go back. The challenge is really what motivates me to return eventually.

It’s a fairly wild river but you will come across many cottages along the way. You also camp often by the train tracks so you hear it go super late at night and early morning. At the same time though it’s also because the train track follows the river north that you get to use VIA Rail as a shuttle service, which makes the whole experience pretty fun. How much more Canadian can you get but to pack your canoe in a train travel north to then paddle down a river?

Trip Completed: August 2022

Batiscan RiverNavigating a class II rapid A gentle paddle between rapidsPortaging on the railway trackRugged terrain on the shore of the Batiscan River

Trip Summary

Starting Point: km 170

Ending Point: km 84 

Total Distance: 86 km

Duration: 4 days

Difficulty: Advanced


Rousseau, QC (North of Trois Riviere)

Traditional Territory: This route takes place on the traditional territory of Nitassinan & Nitaskinan (source).

Maps & Resources


Campsite Reservations: Campsite reservations are needed for the nights in Réserve Faunique de Portneuf. You can find more information about permits on this website. The easiest way to get make your reservation is by calling them at (418) 323-2021.

Permits: No

Know Before You Go

Season: Summertime is a good time to go.

Cell Reception: None

Water: You will have to process your water.

Wildlife: Bear, moose, … the usual wildlife.

Waste: No thunderboxes (use catholes for poop) and you will have to pack out your garbage.

Outfitters & Shuttles

Shuttle: V...

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