How to Dehydrate Food for Camping Meals

Dehydrating Without a Dehydrator

Get ready: What you need to start dehydrating

You don't need a lot of start dehydrating. The following items will allow you to dehydrate just about anything you can imagine.

Oven - set to the lowest temperature possible (usually 170 F)Baking sheetsParchment paper (NOT wax paper - I've made this mistake before)Depending on what you're dehydrating, you may need a cutting board & knife, spatula, can opener or large spoonPlastic bags (anyone got recommendations for reusable bags?)

Note: While I do all my dehydrating in the oven, this is an energy-intensive method. A proper dehydrator will consume less energy and dehydrate food faster.

How long should you dehydrate for?

A common misconception is that there is a standard cook time for dehydration. How thin the vegetables are cut, how low your oven goes, the water content of the specific food - all of these will influence the time it takes to dehydrate.

I have found most vegetab...

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