Noire River: Rapides de l’Islet to Black River Inn (6 days / 64 km)

The Noir River is part of the Ottawa Watershed and is one of 3 rivers on the Quebec side that are referred to as the Three Sisters. The other two rivers - the Coulonge and Dumoine rivers - are more popular. Despite being less popular, the Noire River offers amazing whitewater for intermediate paddlers and plenty of smooth, sandy campsites. As the Noire is not located in a provincial / national park campsite reservations are not needed, making the Noire excellent for a last-minute adventure.

Trip Summary

Starting Point: km 90 below Rapides de l’Islet

Ending Point: Black River Inn 

Total Distance: 64 km

Elevation Gain: N/A

Duration: 5 days

Difficulty: Intermediate - Class 2 at higher water, class 3 all rapids have good portages 


The Noire River is located on the traditional territory of the Anishinabewaki and Algonquin People. More information about the people who live in the area today can be found on the Algonquin-Anishinabeg Nation Website.  

The headwaters start just below the LaVerendrye Wildlife Reserve and flow into the Ottawa River near Pembroke. The Noire and its sister river the Coulonge have recently become a Protected Area (2018), which will allow this wild and intact watershed to remain as it is for ecotourism and sustainable development. Mining and logging are prohibited. The third sister, Dumoine, was listed as a protected area in 2016. You're a visitor on this land and home, ensure you do your research to help keep this watershed pristine.

Maps & Resources

Guidebook: Rivers of the Upper Ottawa Valley by Hap Wilson

Map: 31K/2 Lac Usborne 

Campsite Permits: There are no campsite permits / reservations.

Outfitters & Shuttles

We worked with Esprit Whitewater Adventures for this trip. We all met at Esprit in Davidson QC and stayed in their cabins for the first night. In the morning they shuttled us to our put-in location. They m...

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