Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park: Sunshine Village to Mount Shark (3 days / 55 km)

Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park, named after the iconic Mount Assiniboine, is located in British Columbia close to the Alberta Border. Mount Assiniboine, at an elevation of 3,618 metres, is the highest peak in the Southern Continental Ranges of the Canadian Rockies. 

This trail takes you past towering mountains, shimmering lakes, immense glaciers and alpine meadows. This 3-5 day backpacking trip is considered one of the most scenic and fantastic hikes in Alberta and British Columbia. 

Trip Summary

Starting Point: Sunshine Village Parking Lot

Ending Point: Mount Shark Parking Lot

Total Distance: 55 km

Elevation Gain: 1,906 m

Duration: 3 days (also a 4 day option)

Difficulty: Intermediate


This route is located in Assiniboine Provincial Park and Banff National Park. The nearest town is Banff in Alberta and

Maps & Resources

Guidebook: Assiniboine Lodge

Map: All Trails - Sunshine Village to Mount Shark - With the premium feature, you can download the topographic maps to your phone.

Campsite permits: Campsite reservations are required and can be made through BC Parks. The trail is very busy, so it's important to make your reservations as soon as they open for the season (which is two months before your travel dates).

Outfitters & Shuttles

As this route starts at Sunshine Village and ends at Mount Shark, we had to do a self-shuttle. Thankfully we had a friend living in the area who could help us get our vehicle to Mount Shark and then drive us to Sunshine Village. You can also do a self-shuttle if you have more than one vehicle; the drive between Sunshine Village and Mount Shark is about 1 h 45 min.

At the start of your hike, you can take the Sunshine Gondola to save 5 km and some elevation gain. 

We took a helicopter from Assiniboine Lodge (located at Lake Magog) to Mount Shark, rather than hiking the final ~26 km. The helicopter is run by Alpine Helicopters, from either:&n...

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