Killarney Provincial Park: La Cloche Silhouette Trail (7 days / 73 km)

Trip Report - La Cloche Silhouette Trail

This is a loop trail, a configuration which is hard to find, especially for long hikes. It’s a challenging trail, with lots of ups and downs and plenty of rocky sections, but you’ll be rewarded with great vistas filled with both jagged and smooth quartzite, windswept trees, and beautiful lakes. Most people hike the trail clockwise, as that means you have to climb up the one waterfall on the trail (which is easier than descending it), and since some of the most challenging parts are near the east side of the trail, you’ll have a lighter pack by that point.

I did the trip solo in 7 days / 6 nights in September, and lucked out with great weather (warm days, cool nights, and no rain). I felt this was the right amount of time to enjoy the trail while still being challenged every day, and as a female solo hiker I didn’t want to do an extreme trip (I like enjoying my vacations!). You can do it faster if you’re experienced and fit, but I prefer time to stop and soak in the scenery, read a book by a lake, or look for critters or at mushrooms along the trail.

Book as soon as reservations are open! Since there are fewer campsites in the middle portion of the trail, through-hikers have limited options, so plan your preferred sites and days and reserve as soon as you’re able. My route wasn’t ideal, as I had to do a long day (16.8 km) due to the limited availability of campsites when I booked – doable but tiring.

Trip Completed: September 2020

Day 6 - view from campsiteDay 7 - viewDay 7 - viewDay 7 - viewDay 6 - viewDay 6 - viewDay 5- tent at campsiteDay 4 - tent at campsiteDay 4 - view from campsiteDay 4 - viewDay 4 - rocky pathDay 4 - waterfall climbDay 4 - viewDay 3 - viewDay 2 -roots

Trip Summary

Starting PointKillarney Provincial Park parking lot (at George Lake)Ending PointKillarney Provincial Park parking lot (at George Lake)Duration7 days / 6 nightsDifficultyAdvancedTotal Distance76 km (there’s an optional additional 5 km side trail to Silver Pe...

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