Killarney Provincial Park: La Cloche-Silhouette Trail (4 days / 78 km)

The La Cloche Silhouette Trail located in Killarney Provincial Park is one of the most spectacular backpacking trails in the region. It is also a loop - a rarity - with no required double backing. The quartzite and granite La Cloche Mountains pre-date the Rocky Mountains and are vibrant even from a distance, creating fascinating viewpoints unique to the region. The 80 km trail traverses around the main stretch of La Cloche Mountains, giving 360-degree views of the stunning geography. On clear days from the uppermost viewpoints, you can see as far west as Manitoulin Island and as far north as Sudbury. 

The trail is not typical of Ontario hiking, and cannot be taken lightly. There are numerous strenuous climbs and rocky scrambles. It is more similar to hiking done in the Rocky Mountains or the Pacific Coastal Mountains. One should have experience backpacking difficult and mountainous trails before attempting this route. Because of the treacherous terrain, the full 80km trail is recommended to be done in 7-10 days by Killarney Park.

In May of 2019, a friend and I set out to do the trail in 5 days. Starting and ending at the George Lake Campground, we had an incredible experience traversing these mountains and seeing firsthand the beauty of Killarney Park. We ended up doing the trail in just over 3 days, pushing ourselves harder than we ever had on a hiking trip before. I would not recommend doing this hike in less than 5 however, as it was incredibly difficult and did not grant us time to enjoy the region as much as we could have. 

The trail is marked with blue markers and rock cairns. The trail converges and diverges with other trails (marked with red markers) and portages (with yellow portage markers). There are 40 or so campsites that are designated to hikers (labelled H1 through H54) which can be found on all trail maps that I have come across. Side trails to campsites are labelled with yellow trail markers. Bookings fill up fast, so book early ...

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