Kejimkujik National Park: Keji Lake to Lake Rossignol on the Mersey River (3 days / 22 km)

Journey along the Mersey River, from the heart of Kejimkujik National Park and Historic Site to the vast Lake Rossignol. The Mersey River was a major transportation route for the Mi’kmaq people, and later for loggers moving wood downriver to Liverpool’s pulp mill. Lake Rossignol is Nova Scotia’s largest freshwater reservoir and was historically used as a means of power to propel the pulp mill. Its fluctuating water level, enormous size, and an array of abandoned timber and granite boulders have given this lake a dangerous reputation. This trip allows you to travel through the area’s history while enjoying the massive reservoir from the safety of the shore’s protection.  

Trip Summary

Starting Point: Jake’s Landing

Ending Point: Low Landing, Lake Rossignol

Total Distance: 22 km

Duration: 3 days / 2 nights

Difficulty: Beginner


Kejimkujik National Park is located in Maitland Bridge, in southwestern Nova Scotia. It is a two-hour drive from Halifax, and its closest towns for supply purchase are on either side of the park on Highway 8. Caledonia is on the way from Halifax and is about 18 km away. It has a small supermarket, NSLC, and a cafe. Warning, there is no gas station in Caledonia, make sure you fill up before you get here. Coming from the other direction, there is Annapolis Royal, located about 35 km away. There are more options for stores and restaurants here, and there is a gas station in Lequille just down the road toward the park. EJ’s grill is located just outside of the park on highway 8. You can find a hot meal, cold drink and limited groceries/supplies here. Their hours are subject to seasonal change. 

Low Landing is a 30 min drive southeast from the entrance of the park. If you are coming from the South Shore/Halifax, it makes sense to drop your vehicle off at Low Landing on the way to Keji. Make sure to be familiar with directions, or to load the GPS map in advance, cell service is poor at Low ...

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