It is important to remember that Trip Reports is a planning tool and should be used solely for route planning and inspiration. We strive to ensure all trip reports on this site are accurate and truthful, however conditions in the backcountry are always changing. We are not responsible for any inaccuracies found in the reports.

Route maps are purely illustrative.

I cannot stress this enough. The route maps included in the trip reports are purely illustrative. They are not GPS coordinates. They cannot and should not be used for navigation.

Why is there an illustrative route map? Sometimes it’s difficult to understand the route taken in a trip report when there are lots of lakes and portages. To help you visualize the route, we take the information in the trip report and create a rough outline of the route on Google Maps.

What maps should you use to plan your trip? Each trip report contains a section on Maps & Resources. This is where you can find the hiking / paddling map specific to that route.

Choose trips that match your skill level.

We have trip reports for hiking and canoeing routes tailored to Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Expert. Be honest about what your skill level is and choose a route that matches those skills.

For example, you should not consider a whitewater canoe route unless you have experience paddling whitewater and are familiar with whitewater rescue techniques.

Always be prepared.

Ensure you have done the necessary preparation before any trip. You should always know where the emergency access points are and who to contact if you get in trouble. In addition, you should always leave a copy of your route with someone at home.

In addition, you should always carry the necessary safety gear when you are in the backcountry. This includes, but is not limited to, a topographic map, compass, first aid kit and satellite communication device.

Although not required, I strongly encourage everyone to take a wilderness first aid course and a navigation course prior to going into the backcountry.