Nopiming Provincial Park / Crown Land: Davidson Lake to Tulabi Lake (5 days / 65 km)

The Davidson to Tulabi route is perfect for those looking for a combination of lake and river canoeing. Located along the Manitoba/Ontario border, this is an epic trip along the Canadian shield. It starts by winding through a series of small, remote lakes and eventually makes its way back into Nopiming Provincial Park. Once on McGregor Lake, there are ample campsites available as this is a well-established route within the park. It is popular for weekend campers so plan accordingly, as campsites on Elbow Lake can fill up on long weekends! Excellent fishing is available on these remote lakes, just make sure you’ve got a fishing license for both Manitoba and Ontario! 

Trip Summary

Starting Point: Davidson Lake

Ending Point: Tulabi Lake

Total Distance: 65 km

Duration: 5 days + 2 rest days (could easily be done in 3-4 days)

Difficulty: Intermediate


This route is located in both Manitoba and northwestern Ontario. The route passes through both crown land and Nopiming Provincial Park.

Maps and Resources

Maps: 52 L/6, 52 L/11 (and 52 L/10 if going to Trapline Lake)

Resources: Nature Manitoba’s “Bain Route Log” and Nopiming Provincial Park Water Route Guide

Campsite Reservations: No campsite reservations are required, all sites are first come, first serve.

Permits: No permits are required for this route

Outfitters and Shuttles

We had our own canoe for this trip but if you require rental boats, both Wilderness Supply and Winnipeg Canoe Rentals rent boats and other gear you may need.

There is limited cell reception on this route, Wilderness Supply also offers the rental of SPOT Gen3 Satellite GPS devices.

You will be responsible for coordinating your own shuttle service from the launch at Davidson Lake to the ending point at Tulabi Lake. Tulabi Lake has a large canoe staging area and parking lot. The distance from the launch point to the ending point is about 8 km on Provincial Road 315.

Trip Re...

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