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We’ve all been there. After a long day of paddling or hiking, you arrive at your campsite only to find it’s… not good. Maybe the tent spots are slanted. Or all the firewood’s been picked over. Maybe the swim spot is a muddy mess.

One of the most helpful elements of trip reports is getting a sense of what the campsites on a route will be like. To make this even more helpful to you, we’re building a database of campsite reviews. These, combined with trip reports, should help you be even more prepared for your backcountry adventures!

Been to a campsite lately? Got some photos of it?

How It Works

1. Read the instructions below on what to include in your campsite review.

2. Complete the form at the bottom of this page to submit your review.

3. I (Mikaela) will review your submission. I’ll reach out to your if anything is missing / unclear (please follow the instructions to speed this up!).

4. Once reviewed, your submission will be published (and see your points balance increase)!


Campsite Reviews are being accepted for all established backcountry campsites in Canada. ‘Backcountry’ means the campsite must be accessed by hiking or paddling. If you’re unsure if your campsite counts, email me at

Your Name and Email: These are required so you get paid! Please use an email address that can receive an e-transfer or Paypal transfer .

Campsite Number: For destinations with campsite numbers (like Killarney, French River, or Massasauga), please use the campsite number listed on the map. For destinations without campsite numbers (like Algonquin) please refer to the Route Planner or provide a detailed description of where the campsite is (e.g., Alice Lake, campsite to the west of the 100m portage).

Description of Campsite: Please provide a detailed description of the campsite and what visitors can expect. Include details like:

    • Canoe Landing: Easy takeout? Steep? Muddy?

    • Tent Spots: How were the tent spots? Cramped? Flat surface?

    • Cleanliness: Was there any trash, like garbage, fish guts, discarded tools?

    • Special Features: Was there anything special, like a great swim spot, excellent sunset view, logs to sit on, etc.?

Campsite Pictures: Please upload at least 5 high-quality photos of the campsite. Since these are meant to help the visitor know what to expect at the campsite, the most useful photos are: 1) canoe landing, 2) wide shot of campsite, 3) fire pit / seating area, 4) tent spots, 5) view from the campsite.

Submit Your Campsite Review

For parks covered on the Route Planner, please include the campsite number from the Route Planner. Otherwise, please indicate which map you're referencing (i.e., Jeff's Map, Friends of Killarney.
Describe the campsite. What's great about it? What's not great about it? What should visitors know about it?
Estimate how many tents could fit at this site.
Provide a rating on how nice or well maintained the campsite/portage/access point is. You can skip this question for rapids.
Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 10 files.
Please upload at least one photo of the feature. Multiple photos can be uploaded at once.
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