Algonquin Provincial Park: Pinetree Lake Loop (4 Days / 60 km)

A beautiful view of camping near Algonquin Pine Lake

This three-night loop is a moderately challenging route through some surprisingly quiet lakes given the area’s proximity to Highway 60. It starts and ends at the Pinetree Lake Access Point (#12), which is located just past the kilometre 50 marker on Highway 60 if you’re coming from the Park’s East Gate.

The loop gives you a taste of everything the area has to offer; smaller lakes, larger lakes, gorgeous scenery, less gorgeous scenery (looking at you Mud Bay), one of the single worst portages I’ve come across in the park, as well as one of the best. In short, it has a lot to offer to anyone looking for a bit of a challenge and a memorable few days.

Trip Summary

Starting Point: Pinetree Lake (Access Point #12)

Ending Point: Pinetree Lake (Access Point #12)

Total Distance: 60 km

Elevation Gain: The portage down from the access point parking lot is a 2 km carry that certainly feels like you’re climbing more than the 40m the map says you are on the way back. Overall, there’s some up and down along this route, but nothing too challenging. The highest point on the loop is the Pinetree parking lot and it’s about 90m above the lowest point (which is Galeairy Lake. Don’t worry, you’ll be too busy fighting the headwind screaming at you down Galeairy to notice the lower elevation). 

Duration: 4 days

Difficulty: Intermediate

Location: This route is located in Algonquin Provincial Park and begins at access point # 12 (Pinetree Lake). This access point is off of Highway 60, on the south side of the highway.

Maps & Resources

Map: Jeff's Algonquin Map. Please note, at this time Jeff's Maps should not be purchased as the current owner of the business has not been fulfilling orders. Jeff will be coming out with an Algonquin Map through his new map company, Unlostify in the future. In the meantime, both the Park's Official Canoe Routes Map and Backroads Mapbook's Waterproof Algonquin Map are viable alternatives.

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