Algonquin Provincial Park: Achray Campground to Stratton Lake + 3 Hiking Trails (3 days / 16 km)

Imagine packing your camping gear into your backpack, throwing your bag over your shoulders and stepping onto the train in Ottawa, bound for Algonquin Park. As the city lights begin to slip away, the anticipation grows as each beautiful vista flashes by. You notice the trees slowly begin to change, it feels more dense and wild now; you’re almost there. You step off the train into the unknown. What adventures await you? What canvases to be painted? What new challenges are calling you? Maybe it is a desire for fire range solitude? Perhaps a more profitable lumber endeavour? Or have you come to behold the untamed wilderness of Algonquin Park? Every adventure in Algonquin Park is a walk-through history and Achray certainly holds a very enchanting feeling from the past.

These are the kind of thoughts that raced through my head when we were at Achray Campgrounds the first 2 nights of our trip.

Originally we planned to be at Achray one night and Stratton Lake for 3 nights, but a hole in our canoe plus weather conditions set us back a day. But with Berm Lake Trail and Jack Pine Trail at Achray, there are plenty of activities to keep you busy!

As beginners, we kept our portages and canoeing distances to a minimum. To get to our campsite on Stratton Lake we only did a 50 m portage and canoed a distance of approximately 7.5 km. After 2 nights at Stratton Lake and exploring the High Falls, we made our way back to the Achray Campground parking lot through Johnston Lake. On the last day, we canoed a total of 7 km and did 2 portages: 255 m and 750 m. We finished up our trip with a quick visit to the bookstore in the Visitor’s Centre.

Trip Completed: September 2020

Trip Summary

Starting Point: Achray Campground

Ending Point: Achray Campground

Total Distance: 16 km

Duration: 3 days (+2 rest days)

Difficulty: Beginner


This route takes place in the northeast corner of Algonquin Provincial Park, starting and ending at Achray Campgroun...

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